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The Proces To Done

I hope you are enjoying my pivotal blog series. I am enjoying the process. It is the process of discovery. It is a process of creativity. Also, it’s a process of faith.

This process has taken me towards the next steps with the building I wrote about yesterday. The building has potential to be an asset to the community, as opposed to simply occupying space with no value. The possibilities are endless…in my opinion.

Soon I hope to talk with the buildings’ owners or someone responsible for its upkeep. It’s time to get moving toward materialization of entrepreneurship. I don’t want to be one of those people that are always talking about “what I’m gonna do.” I want to talk about what I have done. Don’t you?

What’s the point of having empty dreams and goals? None, if you ask me. We were created to create.

Well, this process entails developing a team and strategic partnerships. Obtaining the necessary data to validate a cause. Even raising the capital to support this cause! Oh and celebrating the sweetness of accomplishing one many endeavors.

The journey continues..


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