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Project Turnaround

Yesterday, I blogged about New Hope’s work in Omaha. The days before Transformation Church, and Urban Breakthrough Ministries.

The work of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship is phenomenal. Even greater is there work with the National Church Adopt A School Initiative!

Here’s a quick overview of the work:

The school needed support to curb gang violence
The school needed an opportunity to provide parents with job training
The school needed mentors
The school needed partners to assist in a number of areas

OCBF stepped up in many ways (and continues to). Sure, there is a separation of church and state. However, this doesn’t mean that there has to be a separation of good works from taking place.

Do you see how your church could partner with local schools?

I see a common thread among the ministries engaged in community work. They are being deliberate about meeting the needs of their target community. As miniscule as this may seem, it isn’t. Too often, groups try to aid challenge areas with what they think the solution, as opposed to learning what the needs are that will be more of help and not a hurdle.

On a side note, another key element is the historical reference of the National Adopt A School Initiative to the establishment of the White House Faith-based Community Initiative.

What steps are you willing to take to learn more about meeting the needs of schools in your area?

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