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Give It A Real Try

Today has been a great day! I’m testing the WordPress Android app for this post.

As I continue the BlogX journey again, my desire remains the same to build a community around this blog and launch something by the end of the 90 day experience. I shared a brief synopsis of the concept with a few fellow bloggers some days ago and they thought it would be neat to try.

Sometimes in order for us to achieve our dreams all we simply need to do is try. This is not just a mediocre effort, but a real push to bring it into reality.

I know I have made attempts and failed. Looking back, I wonder if I gave it my all.

I read a quote recently…”it’s not crowded on the extra mile.” I’m not certain who said it, but it makes great sense. Going the extra mile is the place where dreams manifest. It is free from the distractions of the busy lane. There you can flow with people that are getting it done.

How much have we forfeited because we would not give our dreams a real try?

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