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Kevin Carroll: Rules Of The Red Rubber Ball

Blend Your Work And Your Play

During the month of January I read”Rules Of The Red Rubber Ball” by Kevin Carroll. Phenomenal! It was impactful, energizing, and empowering. Oh yeah- it was a quick read too.

I like how Kevin uses his past, yet painful, experiences to lift others. Our stories have a powerful impact on others. We learn from each other. The good and not so good moments serve as a powerful tool to help each other. It’s not all delightful in life, some times we have seasons of great uncertainty. However, we must not allow them to deter us from reaching our goals.

The point that stands out to me over and over again is his passion for blending his work and play through the power of sports.

We all have something that we consider as work and something we consider as a sport. Why not love what you do and do what you love….at the same time!

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