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Crowd funding: Rewards Help Your Projects

Rewards Help Motivate People To Give

Believe it or not awards and recognition help create a magnet for our projects. Yep, some want to know what’s in it for me. Face it, some people in the crowd of our crowd funding projects need to know how they can benefit too. The reality of reaching out to people that you don’t know has to be mixed with the notion that some will only support with their resources unless they have something to gain.

Sure, there will be those who will care less about receiving something in return. It’s good to have people like that who have your back.

The rise of crowd funding has been aided tremendously by the reward factor that exists among their platforms. For instance, the young man who is releasing his first acoustic guitar project. Support him at the least dollar amount earns you a shout out on his web page or a tweet. The more you give, the more likely you are to receive an autographed copy of the CD once it drops.

There are all sorts of awards in exchange for your support. The rewards are endless, depending greatly on the curator of the project. One of the many benefits of crowd funding is the flexibility that comes along with the various projects.

So, what am I willing to give….

I am still working on the details. However, here is a draft of what’s in progress..

  • $10- You will be mentioned on our website as a supporter.
  • $20-All of the above. Plus, you will be mentioned in our souvenir book at ………..
  • $50-All of the above. Plus, your logo will be placed on our website (125*125 px). Plus, you will receive a framed photo 8*10 from the …………. US addresses only.
  • $100- All of the above. The logo will be (300*250 px). Plus, you will be mailed five copies of the souvenir booklet from the product launch event. US addresses only. You will receive a ……..
  • $500- All of the above. Plus, you will receive a full page display in the …………………. for ……….. Optional product giveaway on website and/or at ………… . 60-second promotional video included at ……………..
  • $1000- All of the above. Plus 20………………………

I will continue to keep you posted!

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