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Crowd funding: Rockethub As A Platform

Crowd funding certainly is an option to generate the revenue needed to launch your project. If you missed my post on some of the options available to use as a platform you can read it here. This is not an exhaustive list, however it is enough to get you started in the right direction.

There is one platform that appears to stand above the many that I have studied. It has many of the same features as most. Many include a simple way to give with the option to display a reward for those who support your project. Seems fair that you show your appreciation for the ones helping right? Definitely.

The cool aspect about crowd funding is the power of your project to be shared with multiple people that you know and do not know. The internet has provided the opportunity to connect with individuals we may have never come across before. I am discovering there are more people that share a common interest than what we believe at times.

Through the crowd we can inform, motivate, and mobilize a team to accomplish something special. Even though, I have never successfully launched a project (yet) on a fundraising platform I have a strong belief that it is possible. It is only a matter of time before I will be able to say – WE DID IT/HOW SWEET IT IS.

With this being said, which platform do I believe provides the best opportunity to be successful? At this time, Rockethub. With several platforms available, this one has the edge (IMO).

The one thing that I keep thinking about is the fact that if I fall short of the goal my efforts aren’t in vain. The funds would still be accessible, with a higher percentage fee. This isn’t as bad as it sounds. I would rather get the larger portion with only a small amount below my fundraising goal. As opposed to none if I don’t meet or exceed my challenge. How disheartening would it be to receive nothing if you were short $200 on the deadline date?

Check out this video of Rockethub below.


RocketHub for The Orchard from Vladimir Vukicevic on Vimeo.

Have you used Rockethub before?

What were your thoughts?

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