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Scaling Up

Thank you for reading my blog over the past few years. I have learned a ton about blogging. Recently, I have taken huge steps to better identify my target audience.

Through this learning process I have come to grips that this blog (to a large degree) has been about me and what I was doing. This site did not have value to you the reader. As much as I am passionate about a number of things in the world. I failed to make posts sticky around a niche. Too random. Too infrequent posts. Too ___________.

Where did this discovery come from? How did I arrive here?

Earlier this year my father went home to be with the Lord. Since that time, I have spent a significant amount of time musing how I want to live the rest of my life/what legacy I want to leave/ what will my eulogy read.

These thoughts have led me to do more than sit and sulk. But to reach out to individuals who can assist me to do what I believe part of my assignment is to do…..

Speak and help. Speak and help. Speak and help.I want to serve my generation with timeless truths and in practical ways.

There are steps I am taking to scale up significantly my calling in life:

One, I am spending more consistent time in prayer. I highly recommend YouVersion.

Two, I joined Josh Shipp’s Youth Speaker University.

Three, I joined

This post may not mean much but I had to share this post.


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