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Sowing Seeds In Oceanway

As a church planter it’s extremely important to build connections with people….especially in the community where your church will launch. This past Friday I spent about 2.5 hours passing out bottles of water to shoppers at the Oceanway Publix. Thank you to them for the opportunity.

It may not mean much to you reading this, but to me, I see as vital connections to what I truly believe God has called me to do. Below are a few pics of the water. Sorry, I couldn’t pass out water and take pictures of me at the same time.

A few thoughts from experience:

1. People were amazed that I didn’t charge anything for the water.

2. I gave bottles of water to people from different backgrounds: Black, White, Hispanic, male, female, young, and old

3. When I told shoppers I was a church planter, many wanted to know where the church was located

4. Others wanted to know what denomination I was affiliated with

5. If and when I do this again, I’ll reconsider having the church name on the sign. Some, when they noticed “Church” decided not to accept the water.

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here….I’m not in Jacksonville today. Taking a much needed break! Spirit, Soul, and body needs it.


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