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My Southeastern University Visit w/ Pics

I had a great time today sowing the vision of with some of the students at Southeastern University. Their Career Expo was phenomenal! So many of the them I interacted with have a big appetite to fulfill their purpose in life through God’s will. Too often, people want to fulfill their purpose on their own terms. There is nothing like a surrendered life….

When I mentioned the church plant was starting online many were shocked and quite inspired (at least this is what I gathered)! Doing things out of the ordinary can be a bit unnerving at times, but the key is OBEDIENCE! Obviously, many questions came up about format and reaching people. I simply shared what strategies I’m hoping to implement to reach the lost for Christ.

I left the expo with great optimism about the possibilities of some of the students participatingl as virtual volunteers.

In case you didn’t know Southeastern has a beautiful campus. Here are a few of the pics I shot of the lawn….

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