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Space Questions

A few days ago I made this post.

Image Church still needs meeting space for weekend worship experiences. As of today, I haven’t been able to get a definite answer on any of the facilities gatekeepers that I’ve contacted. I hope to have an answer very soon.

I’m not an expert on creating environments for guests, but I do know what we’re going to need. Below are questions that I sent to one of the facility contact persons. The questions were adapted from a list I read at New Churches. I highly recommend this resource. It’s loaded with goods.

Hopefully, these questions will assist another church planter in their quest.

1. How much space/which rooms are available for worship?

a. I there flexibility for 1 or 2 services?

b. What is the margin for growth?
2. What type and how much space is available for children’s ministry (including nursery)?

a. Are classrooms available? How many?

b. Are other rooms available?

c. Are hallways available for use?
3. Is there space for a welcome table/reception area?

4. Are there any time restrictions in getting in and out on Sunday morning?

5. What is our responsibility in cleanup?

6. Is the facility available for times other than Sunday (e.g. religious education classes,
carnivals sponsored by the church, mid week meetings, etc.)?

7. Are outdoor events allowed?

8. How far in advance do we need to request facilities for events held other than Sunday morning?

9. How much will it cost and at what frequency will billing occur (i.e. bill for hourly use,
get billed prior to month, etc.)?

10. Any restrictions on serving light food and beverages while at facility?

11. Any restrictions on food and beverages in worship area?

18. Will we have access to any facility equipment (e.g. sound/microphone, projection, TV’s,
DVD’s, etc.)?

12. Are we allowed to put temporary signs up on Saturday evening and/or Sunday morning?

13. Any restrictions on parking?

14. Any other facility specific restrictions?

15. What insurance requirements must be met to access the facility?

Did I miss anything?

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