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NBA Season Opener Talk Will Become Action

The NBA Season is here. Am I excited? Yes! The marquee matchup tonight between the Celtics and Heat is sure to be one of the most memorable  season openers. I’ve posted the video below because of a phrase at the end of the game hype builder…..”talk will become _____________.”

For the past 25 days I’ve tried earnestly to let my actions do the talking. GOOD Everyday has inpsired me to push further to help bring awareness to causes that I’m passionate about and to do more in a significant way. I am still thinking through some of the ideas, but I know that mere thinking about ideas doesn’t get anything accomplished. You must do something. I tweet– Prayer. Hard work. Hustle. It’s true! Nothing in life (at least in mine) comes easy. Persevere. Turn your frustration into fruit.

Leave a comment. Finish the sentence. “Talk will become __________.”


Kevin Durant Shines In World Championships

Kevin Durant is officially a world superstar. The forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder carried Team USA to a gold medal in the 2010 World Championships by scoring 28 points against Turkey. Team USA won the game 81-64, as Durant hit 10-of-17 field goals and 7-of-13 three-pointers while also adding five rebounds and two blocked shots.

“Our only option was to come out here and get a gold,” said Durant, “and it feels really good to bring this back home to the States.” You can read the rest of the story on Every Joe.


3 Steps- Acknowledge, Action, Advance

You’ve probably figured it out if you’ve been following my tweets that I’m pulling for the Celtics in this series. This is my second post with Coach Rivers this week. I admire him from afar for several reasons- man of character, engaged father, and excellent basketball coach.

I happened to see him at a high school basketball game here in Jacksonville earlier this year in support of one of his sons. In the midst of a challenging NBA schedule (from city to city)  he still found time to see a game in Jacksonville, Florida.

What catches my attention about this video recap of game 3 is his poise and ownership of the reasons for the Celtics loss. As leaders we must be willing to acknowledge the facts when we suffer defeat and have a clear understanding of what needs to be corrected. It’s a poor sign of character when we allow ourselves to moan and complain, over and over again, about what happened during setbacks.

  • Here are my take-aways from the press conference. (1) Acknowledge, (2) Action, and (3) Advance. That’s it! Simply acknowledge what happened,

  • take action to correct it,

  • and advance forward.

What are your thoughts about setbacks? How do you address them? Leave a comment.


When Do Leaders Call Timeout?

You can see for yourself what Boston Celtics Coach Doc Rivers did…. he called timeout.

Needing to write a post today and searching for thoughts to inspire my readership community- I’m reflecting on the game that just ended less than an hour ago.

When do leaders of organizations call timeout?

How do leaders know when their team is need of a temporary break?

Are timeouts necessary and how often?

Should leaders be willing to risk their public look by “running on the court” or getting in the trenches to stay “let’s put a pin in it”?

When is the right time to call timeout?

Let me hear your thoughts- even if you’re not a Celtics fan 🙂


Dwight, after game 5

While the Magic didn’t win as a team, I can appreciate Dwight Howard’s comments. Naturally, he probably hoped his team could have stretched the series to 6 or 7 games. However, his responses to the reporters questions speak volumes of his character and determination to not allow this setback in his young career to deter him (nor his team) from fighting back again next year.

It’s easy to complain about what did or didn’t happen.

What do you think?

Embedded video from NBA Video

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