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Making Ideas Happen In 2011

Today’s post is a re-post (somewhat) from this past summer. I’ve given a considerable amount of thought to what I should write about on the last day of 2010. Aside from a list I created, I thought I would share a resource with you.

If you’re like me, I’ve struggled to get ideas off the ground. The feeling of defeat can be very overwhelming if you allow it to get the best of you. It’s important to learn from your mistakes. Re-work your plan. Improve. Get it done.

More ideas will come to me and you next year. How those ideas turn into reality is up to you and I. What will be a tragedy (again) is if we don’t do something with those ideas.  Let’s make them a reality……

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Update On The Grind & The Glory

This is an update about the e-book, The Grind And The Glory.

Recently, I installed a tracking system on my blog to gauge the traffic. I was and still am shocked at the low number of visitors. Not sad, just shocked. I’ve blogged consistently for the past two years and the numbers are not where I desire. I’m averaging less than 25 visitors per day. It’s not about the numbers but engagement. I’ve discovered in the blogosphere that there can’t be engagement if there is no traffic.

The challenge for me with this new found reality, is that I don’t want to put out a work of excellence and there is no one to read about it. It’s like having a beautiful billboard in the desert….great sign, but who will see it.

My responsibility moving forward is to build a community around my blog.

In case you’re wondering about the analytic tool. I strongly suggest you sign up for it at It’s a tremendous resource and I highly recommend it.

On a side note: I really like music. This song serves as a reminder to stop making a big deal out of stuff that doesn’t really matter.

Perhaps, I’ve made excuses about blogging and thus the lack of engagement here.



The official Twitter hashtag for the e-book The Grind And The Glory is #grindandglory. Use it and tell your story about turning your frustrations into fruit!

You never know who may be inspired to overcome a similar situation in their life. Strength is renewed when what could have made you bitter has made you better.


The New Amazon Kindle

Tuesday, Amazon released the new Kindle. I haven’t purchased one, but I may soon. I’m constantly amazed at the innovation stretching the way readers engage with devices for written text. The announcement of the this release is particularly good news for the upcoming launch of  The Grind & The Glory.

Below is a clip from CNET about the new Kindle. Realized the video wasn’t working so here’s the link. Thoughts?


Sharing Success 6- Paul Wilson Jr.

Yep, The Grind & The Glory is moving forward! Today, I’m featuring another contributor for the book.

Name: Paul Wilson, Jr.

Age: 35

City: Atlanta, GA

Company/Organization: Biznovations, LLC

  1. When you were growing up, is this what you thought you would be doing vocationally? If not, what did you want to do? From an early ago I knew I had a special calling on my life to do something significant for God. I had some idea that I would be a speaker and in some kind of business, but I really wanted to be a professional athlete. Although I played sports I didn’t really have athlete genes. For a long time, I was running from my calling because I knew it would require a lot of me and I wasn’t ready to give in to those requirements. Eventually, I did but I am still realizing that the more I submit to God’s purpose for my life the more that I need to submit.
  2. What’s the most different job you’ve had from what you are doing now and how did that job help you with what you are doing now? I used to work at a car wash where I detailed cars. I’ve also worked at a fast food restaurant during college. From these two jobs I learned how to serve people with excellence. I also worked for a power company and did an internship at a car manufacturing plant. From these two jobs I learned the importance of the quality of your work.
  3. Who is one person, besides Christ, who most helped to shape your leadership and how did they help you? Pastor Bryan Crute taught me how to be focused, diligent, and true to God’s calling on my life as a leader.
  4. Besides the Bible, what is one book that has most helped to shape your thought process in life and work? Purpose Driven Life. I know part of my life calling is to help people discover and fulfill their purpose. That book helped bring clarity to what is a life of purpose. It was a catalyst for me to find practical ways to help people discover their specific life purpose.
  5. What do you do within your company/organization? How does it serve? My company provides motivational books and resources, personal and professional development, and media and technology consulting. Our goal is to equip people to unleash their potential through their purpose.
  6. What are three words other people would use to describe your work style/ethic? Creative, Passionate, Inspirational
  7. What is your greatest strength in leadership? Vision. I’m a big dreamer and I’m passionate about helping others dream big also. I’m also an idealist, so I focus a lot of attention on the future and what it will take to get there. I’m always want to make things better.
  8. What is your greatest weakness in leadership? Lack of patience. I get frustrated with people and environments that settle for the status quo or who are moving forward at a slower pace than I think they should move.
  9. What is the hardest thing you have to do in life and/or leadership? Denying my desires for the sake of others; Build lasting, quality relationships, because of the time and investment it requires in the midst of everything else going on.
  10. If you could give one piece of advice to other young leaders from what you’ve learned by experience, what would it be? Invest quality time in building quality relationships. At the end of the day, leadership is not about power or positions, it’s about the people that you reach and impact. If you build quality relationships, power, positions, and influence will come, but you’ll also have a healthy perspective on how to use them properly.


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