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2 Free E-books

Readers are Leaders! I’m not sure who said it, but I use to tell my middle and high school students this all the time when I worked here. Life-long learning is not an option. It can’t be if you desire to grow. It allows you to broaden your horizons. It also gives you something else to talk about 🙂

Here I two books that I think you’ll find very valuable. They are not exclusive of any industry sector. Click. Download. Enjoy.

1. The Art Of The Start by Guy Kawasaki. Download here.

2. What The Creative World Needs Now Is Organization by Scott Belsky. Download here.


Everyone Communicates, Few Connect -John C. Maxwell

You’ve probably figured out I admire John Maxwell’s leadership thoughts.


Well, he’s realeased a new book. From the short video, I think it’s a must read for anyone doing any work involving communicating with people. Ummm….that would be everyone 🙂 


In the brief video he brings out several points about the tendencies we all may have when we’re communicating and should be connecting.


Let’s aim to ENGAGE!

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