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She’s Leaving A Legacy Of Faith

This past weekend, I had the privilege of witnessing a remarkable testimony of faith, will, and determination.

My great-grandmother will be 100 years young this year 🙂 That’s right, 100 years young!

My family celebrated the life of a phenomenal woman. We celebrated yesterday, however, her birthday is December 24. My great-grandmother has always been a very sweet, loving, and caring person. I don’t believe she could ever have enemies.

Throughout her life she always stressed the importance of faith and trust in God. The more I think of her emphasis on trusting in the Lord, I can’t help but think of one word- LEGACY. Continue Reading →


Day 46 Good Everyday Georgia Too

My fellow blogger Adam Shields, recommended an outstanding organization in Georgia several days ago. I forgot to check one of my calendars so I missed his referral.

It’s important to keep the integrity of my relationships rather than overlooking my commitments. So I donated $1 again.

Adam suggested I visit Bethany Christian Services. BCS is doing a phenomenal work to bring hope to many families in the area of adoption.

According to their site:

Bethany Christian Services is the nation’s largest adoption agency, and we also care for women facing unplanned pregnancies and orphans living on five continents. We are called to care for children of all ages and in all stages of life. We serve children at conception by counseling women with unplanned pregnancies and by providing frozen embryos a chance for a full life through our embryo adoption program. Our commitment extends to children and teens who are living in foster care or in orphanages—children who need a “forever family.”

Our comprehensive services include adoption, temporary foster care, counseling, training, and family support because we know children thrive in safe, loving, and strong families. We are committed to finding the best families for children in need around the world. Our mission calls us to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

Founded in 1944, Bethany is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that provides adoption and orphan care services through a national network of over 80 locations and is licensed in more than 30 U.S. states With a strong fiscal history and over 1,000 staff, Bethany Christian Services initiates and maintains innovative child-focused programming both nationally and internationally and in accordance with accepted conventions, standards of care, and best practices.

Continue Reading →


Three Things That Make A Big Difference At School

Three simple tips to make a big difference at your local school

(ARA) – While the back-to-school advertisements and school supply donation drives have faded from the airwaves, the need to do more as a nation to support our schools, our teachers and our students has not. The problem is, many of us want to help out, but we’re just not sure where to start.

We’re not only unsure of where to start, but how much we can contribute financially. The economy has not only taken a toll on funding for public schools but on our wallets too, leaving some of us unsure how to pitch in without stretching our budgets too far.

Well, you don’t have to sit on the sidelines anymore or let the economy get in your way of making a difference. Whether you can donate $5 or $50, or one to five hours, every little bit counts. Here are a few ways to contribute to your local school that will leave you thinking “Why didn’t I get involved sooner?”

1. Go online to get involved: From forums to local initiatives to national campaigns, the campaign to help public schools is going online. Bing’s Our School Needs campaign, at is a competition open to U.S. public schools, grades K-12, where students, teachers and parents can submit essays and videos explaining why their school needs funding. Visit to check out the videos and vote Oct. 27 for your favorite entry in three categories: elementary, middle and high school. Once you vote, you’ll receive a donation code for to help fund a classroom project of your choice. On Nov. 9, visit to see which school won the grand prize.
2. Give what you can: You don’t have to donate a lot money or time to make a big difference. Many classrooms are in need of the basics, from supplies to a helping hand. If you want to donate, schools need supplies such as: disinfectant wipes, paper towels, pens, liquid soap, garbage bags, pens and glue sticks. If you want to volunteer your time rather than donate, many teachers are in need of a helping hand due to overcrowded classrooms making it hard for teachers to give students undivided attention. You can pitch in by reading to a class, helping out with an art project, organizing a book fair or even hosting a show-and-tell about your career.  

To make volunteering and donating even easier, check out the Bing Education map application from Bing Maps, at which helps you locate schools that need funding, local and national volunteer opportunities as well as view the video submissions from the competition.

3. Join the PTA: PTAs can sometimes come across as a special club for select parents, causing you to shy away from getting involved. But, the PTA isn’t a special club. Rather, it’s a group of parents with the goal of supporting their school, fighting for funding, supporting teachers and organizing family events and fundraisers.

If you’re looking to get more involved in your child’s school and make a difference too, the PTA may be right up your alley. How do you get involved? Just call your child’s school or visit the National PTA website at to find out how to sign up.

Now, you don’t have to sit on the sidelines anymore. Here’s to making a difference in your community.


The Splendor Of God’s Creations

My family recently visited Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens! We had a great time and our sons really enjoyed their time seeing the animals and other sites.

I’m always amazed at the splendor and beauty of God’s creation. These are just few pics from our time there.

Get out and enjoy life 🙂


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