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Day 57 Good Everyday Maryland

I don’t think I’ve seen anything like A Mission Of Mercy in Frederick, Maryland.

All I can say is wow!

I really like their unique perspective on prenatal care.

According to their site:

Located in Frederick Maryland out of the Frederick Church of the Brethren, Mission of Mercy has treated expectant mothers and children of all ages since its inception in 1994. To handle the increase in demand for prenatal care, and to address the lack of available services in Frederick County, Maryland, Mission of Mercy launched a Prenatal Care Pilot Project in 2001. This included the recruitment of an obstetrician and expansion of its prenatal services. In 2002, MOM expanded its services further by recruiting a volunteer nurse mid-wife, establishing a separate waiting and examination area, increasing the clinics days, and increasing the patient load.

Mothers participating in Mission of Mercy’s Prenatal Care Program receive:

  • A series of personal visits with a doctor and/or nurse mid-wife
  • Supply of daily multivitamins and other necessary prescription medications
  • Lab and diagnostic imaging services, such as fetal ultrasound and Doppler imaging
  • Prenatal blood work, urinalysis and cultures
  • Copy of complete medical records


5 Tips To Improve Your Brain Power

Thinking about ways to improve your thinker? Here are five tips to improve your chief information officer 🙂

1. Do crossword puzzles

2. Don’t avoid all fatty foods

3. Do aerobic exercises

4. Plan time to relax

5. Join a book group

For the extended version and more information check out MSN Health & Fitness.


Exercise For Money?

Would the promise of fattening your wallet motivate you to slim down?

An increasing number of employers, scared by ballooning employee waistlines and health care costs, are betting they can entice workers into healthful habits with incentives such as cold, hard cash — up to $2,500 in some cases — and friendly competition among co-workers.

Check out the rest of the story online at MSN.


What About Generation Y And Frozen Foods?

What do you do when you don’t have any money? For most people, eating out is usually one of the first things to disappear from the household budget.

Generation Y, folks between the ages of 18 and 34, are struggling with an unemployment rate of 19.5 percent, a full ten points higher than the national figure. Consequently, restaurateurs have seen their own sales figures take a dive as their largest group of customers – those wacky kids – stop showing up at their favorite restaurants, according to marketing analysis firm, NPD Group. You can read the rest of the story at Delish.


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