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Day 54 Good Everyday Louisiana

Kansas Sunday.

Kentucky yesterday.

The tour is still kickin’….today we roll into Louisiana. Baton Rouge to be exact! 🙂

There was a time in a different season of my life, when I worked with one of the largest school districts in America. I was the lead person for all mentoring relationship initiatives (among other things).

When I hear of great groups like Big Buddy groups making a significant difference I really get pumped up! Continue Reading →


Day 50 Good Everyday Iowa

Yep, we’re in Iowa today. Iowa Children Of Promise has the spotlight for their outstanding mentoring efforts.

According to their site:

Our One-on-One Mentoring Program is community-based and supports the creation and maintenance of quality, lasting, mentoring relationships between children of parents involved in the criminal justice system and caring, supportive, adult mentors. In Linn County the youth served range from 6-17 years old, whereas in Johnson County the focus is on 12-17 year old youth, many who are already involved in the criminal justice system themselves.

Keep shining ICOP!


Day 39 Good Everyday Arizona

Arizona Canyon In Navaho Desert

Alabama Saturday. Alaska yesterday. Arizona today. My oh my, the many miles in just a few days (not literally). 🙂

What city? Phoenix. What organization? Before I get to the organization that received the $1, allow me to explain why I really like organizations like the one that is featured today. My background is in public education. I’ve taught and been a district administrator in one of the largest school districts in this country.

One of my primary roles was  to oversee mentoring initiatives from various agencies.

Many youth need a positive adult role model. Not just a parent, teacher, or coach. But someone who is committed to be their mentor one-on-one. Continue Reading →


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