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Access Denied

I posted a video a few days ago that the church plant Is On! What I didn’t know is the challenges I would experience thereafter recording the video.

Yesterday, I sent an email to a local school district official asking for assistance with gaining access to an area middle school. I received an encouraging reply about possibly being able to move forward. Well, late yesterday I received an email from the official that I would NOT be able to use the middle school. Talk about being dissappointed! This was the perfect location (IMO): space, parking, easily recognized in the city, downtown. It was perfect!

To make the sting stronger: I recorded a video in front of the school yesterday.

Lesson learned: When you’re denied access to an area or thing you really wanted, trust God that what he has planned is far greater than what you wanted.

I have no idea why our church plant won’t be able to use the school. I can’t dwell on it long. The quest now is to identify another location….quickly. I think it’s very important to build relationships in the community where we serve before the launch.

I hope you enjoy your Saturday!


He Is With You

I posted this song last year. I’m doing it again this year! Why? Because it reminds me that despite all that’s going on in the world, GOD is with me. Listen and be inspired!

So what’s going on with GOOD Everyday? Continue Reading →


Save Africa’s Children

Save Africa’s Children (SAC) provides direct support and care to orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS, poverty and war throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. SAC partners with individuals, churches, grassroots organizations, government and corporate sectors, endeavoring to build a dynamic, diverse movement to restore hope and a future for Africa’s children.

For more information about SAC, click here.


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