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Music In My Posts

Yesterday, one of my blog mentors, John Saddington, who blogs at wrote an interesting post about how music can have an impact on our writing.

I never really paid that much attention to this aspect of blogging. Until, I began to think about the times I’ve used a YouTube in clip in my posts.

For instance, I used PJ Morton’s song Mountains and Molehills to encourage the community here to try.

When, I wrote about being agents of change, I used Israel Hougthton’s The Power Of One. And again, his song about Grace.

There have been other songs used, I’m just mentioning these few instances.

So to add a bit of encouragement to your day. Here is Kirk Franklin’s “I Smile.”


Do you add music in your blog posts or listen to music while blogging?




Face it. If you and I are going to BE all that we are called to be we need to be sure we’ve asked our ourselves these ten questions.

Another thought you and I both need to give serious consideration to is whether or not we have a MENTOR. Is that just for students in middle and high school? Of course not. Here are five reasons we need a mentor and what The Voice music competition teaches us about having one.

First, watch the promo.


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Merry Christmas 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas! From my family to yours, we hope this season is filled with joy, peace, and laughter.

I hope your day is filled with:

1. Family

2. Friends

3. Food

4. Forgiveness

5. Celebration of Christ’s birth

6. Hope

7. Rest

8. Something special 🙂

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