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Day 1

It’s first day of my creative project. You can not imagine how much energy has been put into getting this far. I don’t mean just physical energy. I’m talking about the mental toughness that overcomes the sting of your past failures. The weariness of weariness. Catch my drift?

The first step is easy to feel like you have accomplished something just by moving close to your goal. In some ways this makes sense, but it doesn’t add up to much. Many have started. I want to be one of them who finishes well.

From here on out it’s up to me to lead this project to reach it’s goal.

The look an feel. It’s up to me to continue to push past the early stages of fright and take one step closer to successfully funding a creative project. Day one is for memories. Now let’s get ready for day two. It’s going to be a fun time for sure.

Truthfully, it’s not day one yet. I am just putting in my practice before the real first day gets here.


Why Community Matters

The challenge with launching a new blog. Rather the challenge with growing your new blog, is the reality of building a community around your efforts. For over a month I have blogged here about a social media event in Jacksonville. Will it take place I belive it can. However, I have not developed a community here which makes it more difficult to launch anything.

I have quickly discovered the importance of puting first things first. For an event to work it will require the establishment of a community. Period.

Community matters. A community has common interests and goals. Shared responsibility. The same successes and sorrows. A community shares the load.

If NowJax is going to work, it must be done through the community.


Share The News About Your Project

Spreading the word about your creative project is a must. There is no way around it. You must share it to receive it. Not a cliche. Just a simple truth.

Social media has empowered individuals and organizations to spread their stories like never before.

hwat am I using. For now Twitter you can follow us @nowjax. And there is Facebook. Yes, we have a facebook page.

Because time is of the essence. It’s important to use tools that can help you share content when you are not able to access these social media sites.

Consider Tweetdeck to schedule tweets. Also, consider  using Crowdbooster. Crowdbooster is similar to Tweetdeck with scheduling updates. However, it has more analytic features.

I use both. I think they are extremely helpful with scheduling updates. Any other recommendations?

Between thiese two I am going hard to get the word out. And of course this blog.

There are other traditional methods to spread your message. TV, Radio, and newspaper.  I hope to have a follow up post on my contacts with local media.

I will keep you posted on the outcome. The key is to get the word out early. I hope to make a major impact on our city for good. It’s about helping people to help other people.

Please share what you have learned about going viral. I would like to see what strategies that were effective for you that can work for me.

Some other sources I hope to spread the event are on Startup America Partnership. Black Web 2.O. Elev8, Inc,. Entrepreneur.


Keep Climbing

Keep Climbing!

It’s Friday. The end of a long week. This post is being written at the end of the day. And gues what? I am tired.

Our creative projects often come to a stand still if we are not careful to push through the times of uncomfortableness. Why? Because sometimes we equate physical weariness to I-think-I-should-quit. Not so. We must keep climbing. Our ability to overcome fatigue to see the fruit of our labor is key. Continue Reading →


No Room For Fear

Fear is not an option. We have too much to do in life.

Fear has the ability to cripple the most easiest task. Fear will cause you and and I to create all types of excuses from accomplishing our goals.

When we were small what stopped you from moving forward. Fear of stage fright talent show, not making the baseball team. Your classmates laughing.

What if I try again to start  a business. and if fails? It’s important and key to remove these distractions. One of the things that helps me is centering my thoughts on prayer. It provides strength and focus.

Continue Reading →


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