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14 Must Ask Questions For Ladies

Before He Puts A Ring On Your Finger, You Must Ask The Right Questions

Women like security. True? Instability and uncertainty are not signs of security. True?

If you agree with these first two questions continue. If not, stop reading now.

Since you decided to keep reading I have a few thoughts to share about some of the basic need to know questions of most women. Being in the know strengthens a woman’s confidence. Even if she doesn’t agree with your position on matters it helps her to determine whether or not she’s going to continue to pursue the relationship or count her losses.

Knowledge is power; including in relationships.

I’ve discovered through being a son, brother, cousin, and after a few years of marriage that most women have very straight forward basic questions for the men of their lives. You may think that these questions are generalizations, and not applicable to all. Perhaps. But I believe these to be truth. Continue Reading →


A Heart That Forgives- Kevin Levar

Forgiveness, better yet, living a life that is constantly forgiving is a must. Let’s face it! We’ve done wrong by other people, and most of us have been wronged by people we lease expected. MOVE ON!

The pain may run deep, but you nor I will ever get where we are supposed to be in life if we hold on to bitterness and grudges.

Here three essentials for walking in forgiveness:

1. Prayer. Ask for God’s assistance to deal with the issue.

2. Talk about it. Find a trusted friend to talk it over with. Often, people can help you to see the issue from a different perspective.

3. Confront it. If possible, consider confronting the person that committed the offense. This can be the most helpful. Releasing your thoughts in a respectful manner is healthy. It will enable you to be strengthened emotionally and empowered to live a life free from the past.


4 Tips For Working Smoothly With Family & Friends

Have you ever thought about working with family and friends? Have questions about how to handle the relationship?

Sure, we’ve all thought about the best way to approach this topic without ruining the ties that bind.

Media expert Karen Taylor Bass has very practicle advice on how to handle the relationship.

1. Ask questions (first). Have a to-do list of what you want to accomplish and listen to hear if they have time for your project.

2. Offer compensation for services. It’s best to agree on an exact dollar amount and get it in writing.

3. Refer a business lead. Everyone can use your family/friend talent—why not talk him or her up.

4. Sign a contract and get the terms in writing. Protect your household and relationships.

For the other five tips about this topic click here.


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