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Something Is Brewing

There comes a time when we all have to make decisions. Sometimes making difficult decisions aren’t welcomed because of the way it makes our flesh feel. Face it – we don’t like to be uncomfortable.

Have you ever thought the reason why you feel as passionately-discomforted (if that’s a word) is because you were placed here on earth to be the solution?  Hmmn……interesting isn’t it?

Have you ever watched television or read something about a problem and you said to yourself “somebody needs to do something about this”? I know I have.

How long will we continue to think these thoughts without any action steps towards bringing about the change we desire to see?

As I continue to seek God about Image Church and exactly what His plans are concerning the ministry I’ve been thinking about a lot of stuff.

Possible ideas and solutions that help move people along further, faster towards their goals.

I’ve pitched a few of them to some people with very little traction. I’m close to making a final decision whether to advance some of these ideas or shut up about them. We’ll see what happens!

All I know is that something is brewing, that I can’t contain. Gotta be relevant to the picture right? Of course.

What’s brewing in your heart?


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