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Make It Happen

This is a follow up post to my thoughts on questions to ask yourself about being successful. If you missed it, click here to read about it.

One key element to our success is execution on the ideas we have. An idea, is just an idea unless we execute. Have you ever wondered how to go from just thinking about your ideas to implementing them? Scott Belsky of the Behance Network has authored a book entitled: Making Ideas Happen. In it he gives practical advice of how to action steps to accomplish your goals. I’ve uploaded an excerpt of the book in today’s post. Also for more information about the Scott or the Behance Network visit The 99 Percent by clicking here.

Making Ideas Happen


Making Ideas Happen In 2011

Today’s post is a re-post (somewhat) from this past summer. I’ve given a considerable amount of thought to what I should write about on the last day of 2010. Aside from a list I created, I thought I would share a resource with you.

If you’re like me, I’ve struggled to get ideas off the ground. The feeling of defeat can be very overwhelming if you allow it to get the best of you. It’s important to learn from your mistakes. Re-work your plan. Improve. Get it done.

More ideas will come to me and you next year. How those ideas turn into reality is up to you and I. What will be a tragedy (again) is if we don’t do something with those ideas.  Let’s make them a reality……

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The E-book E-book

As far as I can tell, Scribd will be the initial delivery platform of my e-book. I’m getting more excited about the countless lives that will be impacted because of it.

So I am perusing through the site searching for the “goods” about e-books. Look what I find! The e-book e-book. No that isn’t a typo. I’ve found it to be an excellent resource about different types of electronic manuscripts, the benefits from producing something of this sort, and many other helpful ideas and tips.

The author of the book is Jonathan Kranz, I don’t know and this isn’t an advertisement. It’s just good to give credit to whom it’s due.

Read through, leave a comment, let me know your thoughts!

How to Write a Successful eBook


The Art Of The Start – Guy Kawasaki

If you’ve ever wandered how to get started doing ANYTHING, the slideshow below is an excellent guide. Whether starting a business, not-for-profit, non-profit (I’m told there is a difference), an event, etc, etc, you must start somewhere.

Guy Kawasaki, innovation specialist, wrote a book entitled The Art Of The Start. In it he gives very practical advice about moving from thought to action. If you want to purchase it online you can here. I have a copy, I’m sure it’s worth your investment too. View the slideshow… inspired to get started!


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