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5 Time Saving Tips

Need more time? Always spending more time on the internet than what you desire? Here are five tips that have helped me tremendously:

1. Instead of going from blog to blog, use Google Reader to read your blogs that add value to you.

2. Only respond to emails right away that are for projects you’ re currently working on. If it’s an e-newsletter notice, facebook announcement, an email marketer- reading/responding to those can wait.

3. Set specific times of the day when you research various topics online. Yes, you could research all day, but that would only cause you to waste more time. At some point, your discovery should lead to action.

4. This may seem a bit off. You need a “not-to-do” list. This list is a compilation of all the things that you could do, but would only lead to more ineffectiveness. This list is different for everyone. Discipline yourself not to do certain stuff. Productivity is key!

5. Last but not least, learn from someone else how to more effectively manage your time. That’s how I created this list đŸ™‚

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