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Just over a week ago I took some time away from Twitter and Facebook. Really? Yes Really? It wasn’t that hard. In fact, I enjoyed being “unplugged.” I think too often we may not realize it, but we are too plugged in to things that may be having an unintended-unhealthy toil on our lives.
Don’t get me wrong I think utilizing social networking tools is absolutely essential to the success of most ministries and causes today. However, if God says shut it down for a season. Well, there are no questions asked.
My week long stay away was not planned. During prayer Monday, God said no tweets for a week. And that’s what I did…..wait- didn’t do 🙂
I got so much work done for the church plant it was ridiculous. Thank you Lord!
These are just a few thoughts about my week unplugged.
Have you ever stayed away from Twitter and Facebook for a period of healthy restoration? What was it like?
Did you do anything different to occupy your time?

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