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Update On The Grind & The Glory

This is an update about the e-book, The Grind And The Glory.

Recently, I installed a tracking system on my blog to gauge the traffic. I was and still am shocked at the low number of visitors. Not sad, just shocked. I’ve blogged consistently for the past two years and the numbers are not where I desire. I’m averaging less than 25 visitors per day. It’s not about the numbers but engagement. I’ve discovered in the blogosphere that there can’t be engagement if there is no traffic.

The challenge for me with this new found reality, is that I don’t want to put out a work of excellence and there is no one to read about it. It’s like having a beautiful billboard in the desert….great sign, but who will see it.

My responsibility moving forward is to build a community around my blog.

In case you’re wondering about the analytic tool. I strongly suggest you sign up for it at It’s a tremendous resource and I highly recommend it.

On a side note: I really like music. This song serves as a reminder to stop making a big deal out of stuff that doesn’t really matter.

Perhaps, I’ve made excuses about blogging and thus the lack of engagement here.

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