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We Are The World- 3 different remakes










I’m not a singer, nor am I a musician…..but I accept the different remakes of this song. As I’ve watched these videos I couldn’t help but think about the church (and the need to continue to support Haiti). Too often we divide ourselves based on minutia that doesn’t add up to anything.



Because one ministry may express themselves during worship one way or another-sometimes this is used as a basis to pick affliations to affirm or denounce one’s validity.


How can we as the church continue to operate like this?


Yes, I have my preference of music. However, I’m mature enough to know that we all have different tastes. Just because one may prefer pop to hip-hop doesn’t give anyone the grounds to bash another genre in a I’m-better-than-you attitude because I do music like this.


What are your thoughts on the different remakes?



Posted via email from Dewitt Robinson

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