Keep Chopping Wood

Keep Chopping Wood” I am not sure who said it first, but it speaks to a large volume of an echo that share often with the football team. Sometimes the key to move projects forward is simply staying consistent. Even when life gets hard and challenging, we must persevere to reach our goals for this… Continue reading Keep Chopping Wood

Tuesday Teamwork: Gladwell On David

One of my favorite topics to discuss is the dynamics of leadership. Hopefully, I can develop a weekly routine of writing about the myriad of aspects of team, teamwork, leading, and leadership. This week the focus is mindset. Of the connoisseurs of the topic is Malcom Gladwell. I recently came across a YouTube video where… Continue reading Tuesday Teamwork: Gladwell On David

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Metaverse Church: Life Church

The world is changing. I’m not just referring to the dates on a calendar. There are significant shifts taking place in the way we communicate, interact, and function in society. Some of the shifts may very well alter the way we educate the next generation. Ultimately, this will have an erasable imprint on the way… Continue reading Metaverse Church: Life Church

Clicking Refresh

It’s a brand-new year. I am grateful to the Lord for allowing my family and I to see another year. His promises are true, and I am in great expectation that we will see them this year. New beginnings are always full of great anticipation. How we manage these expectations and the work required to… Continue reading Clicking Refresh

Nights Of Lights

One of the most remarkable aspects of living on the First Coast is the close proximity to scenic attractions. This past Saturday my family rode the trolley in St. Augustine during opening night of Nights Of Lights.