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Nights Of Lights

One of the most remarkable aspects of living on the First Coast is the close proximity to scenic attractions. This past Saturday my family rode the trolley in St. Augustine during opening night of Nights Of Lights.


3 Vacant Lot Ideas

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In yesterday’s post I shared the desire to transform a vacant parking lot in Jacksonville.

What are some things you can do to transform a vacant lot:

1. Host a regular Farmer’s Market.
2. Host outdoor concerts.
3. Host outdoor food truck events.

How about all three?


Vacant Lot Musings

Emptry Parking Lot

I have not written much on my blog this year. My interest is still on urban revitalization.

It’s important to keep in mind the why behind the what of our actions.

There is a vacant lot in NW Jax that I believe has tremendous potential to be a source of community. I hope to be able to add more life to this area very soon.


Micro-Apartments in Connecticut

The concept of micro-apartments appears to be a viable concept working well in Connecticut. Innovative solutions are in order for individuals who may need less space and closer proximity to downtown areas.


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