Riverside Arts Market

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Riverside Arts Market with my family. The vibe was definitely positive as there were a number of creative artists and eateries on display.

Thank You Volunteers

Thank You to all of the volunteers from Arlington Baptist Church. This past Saturday would not have been as significant without you. I greatly appreciate your time and commitment.


Trust God’s plan….even when you don’t understand. There may be days when it seems as if God is silent. When it appears as if life is at it’s most challenging points, continue to trust God to work everything out.

Process At Parkwood

Another step towards improving Parkwood Heights today. Cleaning up the grounds, increasing the community’s capacity to see the relevancy of the park, and laying groundwork for field expansion. Grateful for the volunteers who came from Arlington Baptist Church to serve. Let’s continue to find opportunities to make a difference in the communities where we serve.… Continue reading Process At Parkwood

Belief Has The Power

Belief has the power to sustain you when you are tired. It has the power to move you to action. Belief has the juice!

Cleanup At Parkwood

Parkwood Heights Park may not seem like much of a place to most. It means a lot me. It means a lot to me for our team to have a place to practice and play that looks presentable, a location that has a quality turf, a location that parents are proud of, a location that… Continue reading Cleanup At Parkwood