Video Blog Post: Dream Big

I accepted the video blog challenge at You can read more about it here. This may be the beginning of more frequent video blog posts  I’m not an expert in video blogging, but I’m learning the key is to simply execute. Ideas about blogging are just ideas. Simply having them on paper, sharing them online (or offline), is… Continue reading Video Blog Post: Dream Big

GOOD Everyday

I have an idea that’s birthed out of frustration. Not too mention this idea is somewhat the premise for the book that I’m writing. As the economy changes, so have traditional routes of entrepreneurs evolved. There has been an emergence of social enterprises, that not only do good, but are also considered for profit. So… Continue reading GOOD Everyday

Compassionate Gifts

When Sharon Saxelby’s first grandchild was born last year, she knew baby Reece would be showered with generosity by other family members, friends and well-wishers, and she was right. But, as president and CEO of a nonprofit organization called Friends of the Orphans, which transforms the lives of children in need in Latin America and… Continue reading Compassionate Gifts

Career Advice For Job Seekers

Five unemployed people are competing for every job opening in the country, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. At the beginning of the recession in December 2007, there were less than two people vying for each vacancy. With more candidates going head-to-head for jobs, organizations can be very selective in finding the ideal employee –… Continue reading Career Advice For Job Seekers

Virtual Schools Are Growing

 A record number of students went back to school this year – without ever stepping foot inside a classroom. A growing number of virtual schools (also known as cyber schools or e-schools), combined with booming parent (and student) demand for high-quality virtual education, have more students than ever logging on, instead of boarding a school… Continue reading Virtual Schools Are Growing